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November 07, 2004

Removing DVDXCopy warnings

To Remove previews/warnings from DVD files using IFOEdit:

2) Open movie's VIDEO_TS.IFO
3) Expand VMGM_PAT line in top half of screen and click on 'First Play PGC'
4) Scroll down till you find "1. Pre command" in bottom half of screen
5) Highlight command, right click to edit and change to something like:
"JumpSS_VMGM 1" - depending on which menu you want displayed.
6) If you want to jump straight into the movie then use command "Jump_TT 1" etc. etc.
7) Click SAVE icon to save the video_ts file
8) Preview in IFOEDIT to confirm new jump is correct

or, if you are making backups with DVDXcopy and want to remove the Backup warning:

When DVDXCOPY starts, it checks for the ARCHIVE.TXT file on the source
disc, if it exists, it will not copy the disc. It will keep asking you to insert a disc to be copied. Meaning DVDXCOPY won't copy a disc that it previously duped. So, when copying an original disc for the FIRST time with DVDXCOPY, when the source is copied and you are prompted to insert a blank disc, DON'T, leave that screen alone(we'll get to it later). Eject your original disc.

Then, using DVDRemake, VOBRator, or IFOEdit, strip the unwanted warnings from your VIDEO_TS folders files.

Burn the remaining files using your preferred burning app (Nero, RecordNowMax, etc.) and be sure to close DVDXCopy using Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task, Applications so DVDXCopy doesn't know to tamper with the ripped files.

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November 06, 2004


Interesting how those who want to protect the life of a moth, frog, squirrel, etc. on some envoirnmental campaign, are the same folks who will offer no compromise in the debate over abortion.

I'm definitely of the belief that a woman should choose what to do with her own body -- I just find it interesting that those who want to 'Save the Whales' don't have a problem with abortion.

Bottom line: I'm for choice, but against hypocrisy.

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