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February 12, 2005

Letting the DirecTV Premium boat sail

I finally made the decision to drop my premium DirecTV programming -- HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. It was an additional $40 of my monthly TV bill and I just decided that was it, and I would start using an online DVD delivery program.

Even though there is some great programming from the premium channels (Carnivale, Dead Like Me, etc.) I realized that many of the non-premium channels are now offering better programming (FX, USA, SCI-FI) and many times, I have to wait forever for any of my premium channels to have a desired movie.

I compared the prices, titles, and offerings of Walmart, NetFlix, and Blockbuster, and found the latter to have the most titles at the best price. NetFlix has more titles, but is pricier ($17.95/mo), WalMart is the cheaper ($12.95/mo), but had a paltry title holding, but Blockbuster @ $14.95/mo had 30,000 titles -- a few I couldn't find, but they seem pretty responsive on adding titles.

So we'll see....

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February 08, 2005

Blonde Boy

Now that I've passed the 50 yr. old mark, it's time for some midlife crises fun. I decided that I'd start small by changing my hair color, so now I'm a golden blonde boy.

.. Hey, it's cheaper, and safer, than a motorcycle.

It came out a bit too yellow, so I'll have to do some experimenting. One of the girls in the office said I could do color streaks using kool-aid -- never knew that.


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