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February 18, 2007

Joining AVI files with differing audio sampling rates

I've run into this frequently, and after some Googling, found the following works great.

1) Load file into VirtualDub http://www.virtualdub.org/ or NanDub http://ndub.sourceforge.net/
2) Set "Video" to "Direct Stream Copying"
3) Set "Audio" to "Full Processing Mode"
4) From the "Audio" dropdown menu, select "Compression"
5) Select, for example, 44,100Hz
6) From the "Audio" dropdown menu, select "Conversion"
7) If necessary, put a checkmark next to "Display all formats"
8) Select your preferred sampling rate from amongst the, for example, 44,100Hz .MP3 rates listed
9) Click on "OK"
10) Save with a new filename"

This will re-encode the audio streams with a common sampling rate alowing you to subsequently merge the AVIs.

My favorite Merger is "AVI MPEG RM WMV Joiner" from Boilsoft http://www.boilsoft.com/.

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