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August 01, 2008

The Great Flea Adventure

So we started to notice our dogs had picked up some fleas. Not an astonishing fact in and of itself until you realize that we have not had any fleas in the house for almost 15 years!

The prime variable in this, however, is that we are now a canine foster household. Even that is not of as much import as the usual procedure is to pick up the fosters from the vets after they've been thorougly checked out, bathed, and given Frontline or equivalent.

However, in the case of our latest foster, Noel, we picked her up directly from a 'courtesy' foster parent, and she was a mass of hair. The person we got her from said they had given her frontline the week before, but when we brought her home, she was scratching and chewing up a storm, even after we bathed her.

Oh well - so two weeks later, our dogs start showing flea infestation, even though they had been frontlined three weeks earlier.

On advise from our vet, we dosed the three dogs and the cat again. The next day, we packed all three dogs and the cat in the car, set off 7 flea bombs in the house, and drove around on errands while the house was fumigating.

When we returned, we covered our mouths and noses, running around the house opening windows and turning all the fans back on, and then sat out on the deck with some beers waiting for the fumes to clear out.

We gave the dogs Capstar tablets, which are supposed to be 90% effective within 30 minutes at killing adult fleas.

Natty, our cat, however, even having her Capstar pill wrapped in Tuna, decided she didn't want to ingest the anti-flea medicine.

Oh well - bottom line is that everyone slept peacefully that night.

The one exception to the success story was me forgetting to turn the main refrigerator back on and having Jude call me on the road to say there was water all over the kitchen floor.

Luckily, all the fridge goods were still intact.


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