May 20, 2007

Tivo to DVD

Here's my latest procedure for creating DVDs from Tivo .ty files:

Creating a VOB file from the Tivo file:

1) Using TyTool, connect to your Tivo and hit the Refresh button for the Now Playing list

2) Hightlight the files you want grab and hit Get.

3) After you've grabbed the .ty files, go to File -> Multiplex Mode and then File -> VOB-Mux (files), select the file(s), click Add, then click Process.

Editing out commercial breaks from your VOB file:

1) Using VideoReDo, open the VOB file

2) Set markers at the beginning and end of commercials using the Sel. Start, Sel. End, and Cut Selection buttons. This program is the easiest to use I've found, and as it works with raw VOB files, much easier than having to demux/transcode files.

3) When you've added markers for all the commercials, click the Save As button and save the edited VOB file.

I like to set 2.5 or 5 min. chapters for standard DVDs where I'm not intending on creating Menus.

Creating chapter intervals:

1) Using WinAVI, click on the DVD button. (Even though you're taking a VOB file as input, WinAVI will do just fine, creating a DVD folder structure with associated IFOs, BUPs, and VOB files.)

2) Select the VOB file you saved

3) Put your target folder in the Output Directory field

4) For Select Output Format, pick DVD and click the Advanced button

5) In the DVD tab, you can adjust quality as you wish, but on the lower left, I check the Set Chapter Length box, and set it for 150 for 2.5 minutes or 300 seconds for 5 minutes

(If anyone knows of a simpler, quicker auto-chapter creator, please let me know)

Burning your DVD:

You can use any number of apps for this -- I use DVDShrink, point it to the WinAVI created VIDEO_TS folder and burn it to DVD.

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February 18, 2007

Joining AVI files with differing audio sampling rates

I've run into this frequently, and after some Googling, found the following works great.

1) Load file into VirtualDub or NanDub
2) Set "Video" to "Direct Stream Copying"
3) Set "Audio" to "Full Processing Mode"
4) From the "Audio" dropdown menu, select "Compression"
5) Select, for example, 44,100Hz
6) From the "Audio" dropdown menu, select "Conversion"
7) If necessary, put a checkmark next to "Display all formats"
8) Select your preferred sampling rate from amongst the, for example, 44,100Hz .MP3 rates listed
9) Click on "OK"
10) Save with a new filename"

This will re-encode the audio streams with a common sampling rate alowing you to subsequently merge the AVIs.

My favorite Merger is "AVI MPEG RM WMV Joiner" from Boilsoft

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November 24, 2006

Joining VOB files for DVD Folder

Found this at

Creating a Playable DVD with loose VOB files
Let's say you have 3 clips, and they are named: VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB and VTS_03_1.VOB.

1. Rename these 3 files to following order:
VTS_01_002.VOB ----- NOTE Double Zeros

2. Open the first VOB file (VTS_01_001.VOB) with VobEdit, and choose the Menu: 'Edit -> Join Clips' A filedialog will apear, where you have to specify a destination directory for the final VOB file-set.

A second dialog will pop up, where you have to specify a starting VOB-ID. Usually you will enter here a '1' to let the TitleSet start with VOB-ID 1.

But if already have a TitleSet, and you want to create now a second, and later you want to append it to the first one, then you should choose a higher VOB-ID number.

But I'll explan that in detail later. So just enter here now a 1 - Joining begins now. VobEdit is now looking for the first VOB-ID in the first VOB file, and exchanges it against our First-VOB-ID that we've specified.

For every new VOB file, the VOB-ID gets increased by 1.

When this is finished, you will have a new VOB file: VTS_01_1.VOB, or if you have joined more files you will have a Title-Set from VTS_01_1.VOB - VTS_01_n.VOB.

Now just use IfoEdit to create new IFO files for this new Title-Set, and then you can burn this to DVD-R.

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January 29, 2006

Nero Vision Express DVD Authoring

After trying several DVD authoring apps, I'm starting to like Nero Vision. I've taken several AVI & MPEG clips and created some pretty decent DVDs.

For a DVD-5 1 hr. DVD, it generally takes about an hour to import the clip, setup and title the chapters, and arrange the background menus and create the DVD folder.

I've done a couple straight to DVD, but creating the folder is a smarter route so if something needs to be edited after the fact, it's doable.

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February 12, 2005

Letting the DirecTV Premium boat sail

I finally made the decision to drop my premium DirecTV programming -- HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. It was an additional $40 of my monthly TV bill and I just decided that was it, and I would start using an online DVD delivery program.

Even though there is some great programming from the premium channels (Carnivale, Dead Like Me, etc.) I realized that many of the non-premium channels are now offering better programming (FX, USA, SCI-FI) and many times, I have to wait forever for any of my premium channels to have a desired movie.

I compared the prices, titles, and offerings of Walmart, NetFlix, and Blockbuster, and found the latter to have the most titles at the best price. NetFlix has more titles, but is pricier ($17.95/mo), WalMart is the cheaper ($12.95/mo), but had a paltry title holding, but Blockbuster @ $14.95/mo had 30,000 titles -- a few I couldn't find, but they seem pretty responsive on adding titles.

So we'll see....

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January 29, 2005

DVDRemake Pro

I finally got a chance to work with
DVDRemake Pro today.

I removed all the warnings and trailers from my backup copy of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and it took me all of 10 minutes (other than the re-burning of the modified backup files).

You can find the guide I used

The next thing I'm going to try is to re-rip some older DVDXcopy DVDs, removing the stinking nag screen and re-burn them.

Stay tuned...

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November 07, 2004

Removing DVDXCopy warnings

To Remove previews/warnings from DVD files using IFOEdit:

2) Open movie's VIDEO_TS.IFO
3) Expand VMGM_PAT line in top half of screen and click on 'First Play PGC'
4) Scroll down till you find "1. Pre command" in bottom half of screen
5) Highlight command, right click to edit and change to something like:
"JumpSS_VMGM 1" - depending on which menu you want displayed.
6) If you want to jump straight into the movie then use command "Jump_TT 1" etc. etc.
7) Click SAVE icon to save the video_ts file
8) Preview in IFOEDIT to confirm new jump is correct

or, if you are making backups with DVDXcopy and want to remove the Backup warning:

When DVDXCOPY starts, it checks for the ARCHIVE.TXT file on the source
disc, if it exists, it will not copy the disc. It will keep asking you to insert a disc to be copied. Meaning DVDXCOPY won't copy a disc that it previously duped. So, when copying an original disc for the FIRST time with DVDXCOPY, when the source is copied and you are prompted to insert a blank disc, DON'T, leave that screen alone(we'll get to it later). Eject your original disc.

Then, using DVDRemake, VOBRator, or IFOEdit, strip the unwanted warnings from your VIDEO_TS folders files.

Burn the remaining files using your preferred burning app (Nero, RecordNowMax, etc.) and be sure to close DVDXCopy using Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task, Applications so DVDXCopy doesn't know to tamper with the ripped files.

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