July 12, 2006

Firefox: the Coolest Browser Ever!

Ok, it's not exactly *new*, but I just can't emphasize enough how Cool the Firefox browser is -- of course, it's the extensibility of Firefox that makes it such a great tool.

Some of the latest extensions I've started using with Firefox have made my life much easier.

For example, the Adblock, Flashblock, and Cooliris Previews extensions alone make surfing infinitely more efficient for me. The first two for their ability to filter most Ad-related components on web sites and Cooliris Previews which lets me stay on a single page of links and with a simple mouse-over, pre-fetch the pages in a floating window.

Adblock kills standard Ads, while Flashblock replaces those ever- increasing-in-number Flash script ads with a simple Flash button.

Cooliris Previews is great for checking out hits from Google without having to open new Tabs or Windows. What I'd like to see the CoolIris folks do is let subsequent mouse-overs on the floating window bring up yet another child window -- sort of like the Spring-Loaded Folder feature of the Mac.

I'll admit I'm probably not the 'average' Firefox user, since I've installed so many extensions I'm using probably 30% of my screen real estate with Toolbars (another reason to get an even *bigger* monitor) and a few are just plain fun, such as StumbleUpon, Torrent Search Bar, FoxyTunes and VideoDownloader

Here's a screenshot of my admittedly bloated browser:


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