September 21, 2008

Bailey & Callie

Bailey and Callie, our 5th and 6th fosters, are simply the sweetest dogs *ever*. They are c. 3-4 yrs. old females, probably litter mates, inseparable, and will be very hard to give up.

Callie lost an eye early in life, and is purported to have seizures that we're treating with Phenobarbital. Bailey and Callie get along well with our cat and dogs.

Whoever ends up as their forever parents will be very lucky indeed!


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July 06, 2008


Noel, our fourth foster, is a 5-6 yr. old something - we call her the 'Benji-Terrier' mix breed. She could be a terrier mix with Swedish Vallhund or, less likely, Corgi.

She's the result of a difficult divorce where nobody wanted her. She is a 30-poundish inside dog who is happiest curled at a human foot. Her first fosters found her barky, but we are able to manage that.

We think she's precious. And we testify to her getting along with other dogs and cats; we've been told she is great with kids too.

Before Grooming:


After Grooming:


I'm not sure the grooming was an improvement, although she feels much cooler now. :)

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June 21, 2008

Our First SEPRA Foster

Our third foster, the first for the Southeast Pug Rescue Association, is 'Coco', a yr. old female black Pug.

She is a sweetheart.


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April 27, 2008

Our Second Foster

The HSJC foster manager, Teresa Brown, called to let us know that there was a Siberian Husky female mix that needed a place.

Jude and I, after doing some research, were a bit wary of Huskies, since they are fence climbers, diggers, escape artists in general, and love to chase cats.

We decided to check her out as we dropped our first foster, Belle, off at the Vets, and after seeing she was more of a German Shepherd mix than Husky, and how sweet and gentle she is, we decided to go give her a try. She still needed to be chipped, so I returned the next day to bring her home. Her name, interestingly enough, is Bella.

The Saturday following, I brought Bella to an adoption showing of HSJC at the Braselton Antique Festival, and every person who met her was impressed. She must have licked the hands and faces of a dozen children.

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to place her fairly quickly.

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We're Canine Foster Parents!

It's official. We've been accepted as a foster family for the Humane Society of Jackson County.

We had always planned to be involved in Pug and Schnauzer rescue, and fostering, but the recent case of the Nicholson L&D Puppy Mill indictments have pushed us to starting early.

Our first foster was Belle, a chocolate German Shorthair Pointer. She is a beautiful dog. I picked her up at the Jefferson Animal Hospital Friday, April 18th after work.

The next day, I brought Belle to an adoption day at Traditions Animal Hospital in Houchton, and she was a big hit.

The next week, we received a call from a woman named Melinda from Alabama, who, seeing Belle on Petfinders, was sure that Belle was the dog for her. She had an older Lab and thought Belle would be a great companion dog. She drove from Alabama on Friday, April 25th, to pick up Belle and take her home.

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December 27, 2007

Finally! A Feline Joins the Shire

My lovely wife has given me the best Christmas present Ever.

Natty, a rescue from Athens Humane Society, has joined the family, and incredibly, has (somewhat) endeared herself to the Schnauzers and Pug.


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May 31, 2006

Sarah's Passing

At c. 7:30 tonite, May 31st, 2006, Sarah, my sweet 12 1/2 yr. old Pug, died. She choked to death on her supper -- always an overzealous eater -- she inhaled her food once too many times.

Neither Jude nor I could dislodge the food in her throat in time to save her.

We only wish she could have gotten some more time in her new wheelchair -- to join Jude on her morning walks.

I will miss her terribly.


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Sarah's Wheelchair Arrives!

Just in the nick of time, Sarah's Wheelchair arrives from Doggon Wheels

She seems to be taking to it pretty fast, although she's having to learn not to take her corners too sharply. :)


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