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June 07, 2005

The 4400 (TV Series 2005 - Second Season)

IMDB: The 4400 (2004)- Second Season
Three Words:


I really enjoyed the original 4400, but this piece of slop is the most atrocious piece of doo doo I've ever seen.

I guess the producers assumed that most of the audience would be new viewers, just watching because of the buzz from the original show.

Ok, for those of you who saw the 1st and remember what transpired, is there any reason that this showing should perhaps let those who haven't seen the 1st in on who some of the good guys and bad guys were??

Nope, there's no indication whatsoever that one of the main male leads -- the father of Kyle, who just happened to kill his wife and 1st officer in the last show to cover up his desire to achieve total knowledge and dominance over the 'alien abductees', is anything more than another character in the story.

"Hello, *knock knock* McFly!!!!"

Geez, what a waste of a potentially good story.

Oh, and there's the intriqing side-story of the mental patients building the amateur radio made out of bedsprings and toasters to contact ET.

It's a shame too, for the two characters who really *are* sympathetic, the couple with the still-in-swadling-clothes baby who has powers to convince the local evangalist rednecks who want to destroy the 'aliens' to blow their own brains out with a shotgun.

Oh well, too many great things coming to grieve over this one for too long.

Rating: 3

Posted by mark at 08:21 PM